Hi! I'm LJKelley and I'd like to welcome you to LJKelley.com

I'm a technology enthusiast. I love music, photography, and travel.  Now, you can read about my view on politics, technology, and music at startBlue.

LJKelley.com is that little bit extra personal. You can listen to music I composed or arranged. My amateur photography and videography is for display. You will see me post a travel diary as I jet-set around the globe. Viewers will be given the taste that I have seen of the globe. A bite that has inspired exactly who I am.

In October I am so excited to continue to add to my bucket list as I take European Delivery of an SLC 300 and fly with Delta & Air France for the first time on an Airbus A380. I'll arrive in Bremen, Germany and travel to Copenhagen, Denmark; Gothenburg, Sweden; Oslo, Norway; Kristiansand, Norway; and Hamburg, Germany before returning home.

Take a look at my Welcome video below featuring my original composition Movement. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for updates as I publish a video for the full song. Also when I travel I will post daily updates to LJKelley.com, so stay tuned!