2019 was definitely my year of pride.  I travelled more in 2019 then I ever had before but I also made it pride focused.

It has been almost 20 years since I started by coming out journey.  Even now it can sometimes be tough to have that conversation.  No, I have a husband not a wife.  So in 2019 I challenged myself to see the world thru the increasing acceptance of LGBTQ+.

I started in March of 2019 when I returned to Sydney to witness Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras.  It continued when I went extremely local to the tiny but refreshing Finger Lakes Pride in Geneva, New York.  I then celebrated with New York City for the 50th anniversary of the pride that started in all at Stonewall Inn.  I then celebrated at Rochester Pride and was blessed to represent my job, ESL Federal Credit Union.  I continued the celebrations at the annual gay themed Southern Decadence in New Orleans.  I traveled to Rio De Janeiro and stopped at The Flamingo.  It was nice to see the local culture that still surrounded itself with acceptance.  Then to wrap up the year I say the original gayborhood in Chicago.  I went and visited Boystown. 

Someone at work told me to be me... that the older I become the easier it will be.  Here is to more honesty, openness and me!

Photos in order:  Geneva, New York; Subway, New York City; Rochester, New York; Chicago, Illinois; Sydney, Australia; Sydney, Australia; New York City; New York City; New Orleans, Louisiana; Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.