Hello from 30,000 feet.  I'm writing this as I'm flying back home from Zürich, Switzerland.  It was a short but very beautiful visit, with a photo gallery coming soon.

I'm actually flying Delta Premium Select and it was my first change to fly in this new class that basically slots in as a premium economy class.  It was also a chance to fly on the new Airbus A350 that Delta is adding to their fleet.  The A350 is extremely pleasant, with tall ceilings that make it feel more roomy.  Overall the configuration is similar to any other aircraft.  Economy will give the you the same lack of room in front and to the sides.  Premium Select does improve the leg room but not much more than Delta's Comfort Plus.  The idea is you'll pay more for better food, service, and a more comfortable seat.  The service is definitely better, with tablecloths and more.  The food is hit or miss.  When my choice for my snack is between crab cakes and pork sandwich, you'll understand that sometimes trying to be better doesn't always equate to better.  Why not offer a less polarizing choice.  Not everyone eats seafood and or pork.  Finally the seat is more comfortable, but only marginally.  There is more recline but I still struggled to sleep.  The extra width is hardly noticeable and the foot rest is worthless for tall people.  Overall, unless there are deals to be had I'm not rushing to pay more for this class of service.

Let's get back to Zurich.  I absolutely enjoyed my first visit to Switzerland and loved seeing the Alps again.  I'm always a sucker for mountains and remember fondly driving thru the Austrian Alps as a child.

Weather is going to be a big factor of your view and enjoyment.  I had good weather everyday but only one day was the horizon clear enough to actually enjoy the views on my short weekend.  I made sure I took the S10 train from Zürich Central to Uetliberg to enjoy the breathtaking views.  Otherwise I enjoyed the winding stone streets, the clocks on every tour, and Lake Zürich.

The chocolate stores are definitely very interesting and a source of pride for the Swiss.  I never knew there were so many types, not to mention brands of chocolates.  Prices are very high, as Switzerland has a very developed economy.  One great tools is the Zürich Pass that allows unlimited travel for 72 hours on trams, trains, and buses.  It will also allow discounted or free entry to several museums.

I also took the opportunity to see my favourite artist, Kylie Minogue, at the Samsung Hall.  Another fabulous performance!  Hopefully I'll see her again next year!

I'll definitely return to Switzerland but I want to get more up close with nature.  Zürich is very cosmopolitan and has its charm, but the geography of Switzerland is the real draw.