To say today was an exciting day is an extreme understatement.  I'm sitting here at the Radisson Blu in Copenhagen reflecting on the adventures, so I hope I don't miss anything.  It was definitely a brilliant blue kind of day.

I can definitely count the days I put on a pedestal like this.  There was the day I got married.  Back in 2014 there was the day I met Kylie Minogue and gave her a hug and got our photo taken together.  Today I took delivery of a car.

First you wanna read on how I got here, I said goodbye to my old car and flew to Europe.

I woke up this morning at the Steigenberger Hotel in Bremen and had breakfast.  Nothing special and who knows how dinner would have been last night as I never knew that Mercedes was paying for it.  After breakfast we checked out and took a 20 min cab drive to the Mercedes-Benz Kundencenter in Bremen.  They took my invoice and passport.  Karen went over paperwork like the German title, bill of sale, and international registration.  She also had a gift, Mercedes-Benz USA wanted to make sure I got a bottle of champagne.

There was also a plan, apparently a whole's day worth.  Surprise as I had planned just to pick up the car and drive onwards to Copenhagen.  So I would not being doing the factory tour.  Did I wanna do The Rock at 14:00?  What is The Rock?  Well they squeezed me in earlier and it was so much fun.  You take a GLC off-roading and end up doing about a 70 degree incline both up and down a hill dubbed The Rock.  It is impressive how well the GLC handled all the tasks.  Of course the DSR (Downhill Speed Regulation) helped a terrified me drive down the hill.

We waited with a bunch of German customers waiting for their cars as well while we had free drinks and sandwiches.  After what seemed like an eternity a smile broke thru on my face as a brilliant blue car pulled up.  Even the delivery guy was excited as most other cars had been black or a shade of silver.  After a quick photo shoot, we were off on the German Autobahn in my Bremen Blå as I'll call my SLC 300.

I will say i'm extremely impressed with both the Autobahn and the average German driver.  In the US I consider myself among the faster drivers.  On the Autobhan, if your discount the large trucks, I was among the slower drivers today.  I did hit 90 MPH briefly but my average speed of 80 MPH was too slow, especially on sections without a speed limit.

I also heavily relied on Apple Maps thru CarPlay.  I was offered a standalone GPS unit as the built in unit only had US Maps but I'm glad I rejected the eyesore because Apple Maps was amazing.  Extremely impressed as it even expertly routed me around a traffic jam thru a quaint German village.  Of course this also exemplified how alert you must be on the Autobahn.

We took a ferry to Denmark to reduce driving time.  Upon arrival there was a makeshift internal border control, as Europe continues to grapple with terrorism.  Most cars were waived thru but my temporary tourist plates did make me get pulled over.  It was a quick conversation, especially when the officer realized I was Norwegian.

I arrived in Copenhagen, Denmark and got chance to make a tour of the gorgeous city before sunset.  Tomorrow I'll travel even more north with a finial destination of Oslo, Norway.  Stay tuned.