Hello from Washington National Airport.  I'm heading back home.  Now for an update on my activities for this morning and yesterday.

I started yesterday with a search for breakfast.  Not an easy task and ended up at a Pret A Manger, which is really great.  More on this later though.  I went back to the Hotel, which mind you has a great active cocktail bar, to get my gear.  Headed back to the Washington Monument and walked the opposite direction and walked all the way to the Capitol Building and the US Supreme Court.  That was a lot of walking.

After a late lunch it was time to get ready and head to the MGM National Harbor just over in Maryland to see Cher.  I had a quick slice of pizza at their overly busy food court and headed to The Theatre.  Front row balcony.  Cher was great as always and performed an array of classic Cher.  Even better was her story of turning 40, which mind you was 31 years ago.

Taking a Lyft I arrived back in DC and took another walk to grab some night time photos of the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument.  Talk about stunning.

This morning was another search for breakfast.  Just like yesterday, with a time crunch I really didn't want a sit down restaurant.  Dunkin Donuts was all out of orange juice and wasn't making breakfast sandwiches.  Really?  So Pret it was again.  And then a Lyft to the airport, mostly so I can earn my Delta Miles thanks to their partnership.