I remember the first time I saw an SLK.  I never thought I would own one.  Then I somehow got a 2014 SLK 250 and the rest is history.  Well I guess its now time to say goodbye.

In early September I will be trading in my SLK so that I can purchase a 2018 SLC 300.  Now the SLC is just a renamed SLK to fit into Mercedes' new naming nomenclature.  The biggest reason is finally being able to take European Delivery of a vehicle.  You see, I won't actually pick up the SLC300 until early October in Bremen, Germany.  Then to further try my patience, the SLC won't be back in the United States until about 3 months after I turn the car back in Germany.  So why put myself thru this torture of paying for a car in September and not really taking full possession until January 2018?  For the trip of a lifetime and the 7% discount (and no transportation costs, plus a $200 Delta Voucher) that Mercedes give you.

Let's take a look at the daily itinerary:

  1. Leave Rochester, NY with Delta Air Lines via Detroit, MI heading towards Amsterdam.
  2. Arrive in Amsterdam and board KLM flight to Bremen.  Arrive in Bremen at 9:40 local time.  Explore Bremen, Germany ??.
  3. Pickup SLC at Mercedes-Benz factory in Bremen and head towards København (Copenhagen, Denmark ??), arriving around 15:00.  Explore København including the Little Mermaid.
  4. Depart København and take the Øresund Bridge to Sweden ??.  Continue to Göteburg (Gothenburg) and stop for lunch and then continue to Oslo, Norway.  Arrive around 19:00.
  5. Explore Oslo, Norway ?? including Stortinget (Parliament), Slottet (Royal Palace), and Akershus Festning (Akershus Fortress).  Depart and arrive in Kristiansand, Norway around 18:00.
  6. Take early morning Colorline Ferry from Kristiandsand, Norway to Hirtshals, Denmarks.  Continue drive to Hamburg, Germany.  Explore Hamburg.
  7. Continue to explore Hamburg including the Port of Hamburg, Hamburg Rathhaus (City Hall), Elbphilharmonie, and Reeperbahn Red Light District.  Take a short drive on the autobahn and turn in SLC to be shipped to the USA.
  8. Depart Hamburg to Paris, France with Air France.  Depart Paris onboard an Air France Airbus A380 bound for JFK International Airport in NYC.  Continue home on Delta from JFK to Rochester, NY.

I plan on taking lots of pictures and doing daily blog updates right here on LJKelley.com!  So stay tuned.

Now I do get some upgrades on my SLC including adaptive cruise control, Apple CarPlay, increased horsepower, lane keep assist, adaptive suspension, Parktronic, and remote start.  In addition as much as I love the Diamond Silver colour on my current SLK, I think the Brillaint Blue SLC with Platinum White interior will suit me even more.

Take a look at the video below as I start to say goodbye to my SLK.